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ALUM*A*Escent® 50

2 coat mica colors that meet AAMA 2604

ALUM*A*Escent® 50 is a unique 2-Coat process that offers a wonderful alternative to both metallic and anodized finishes. This blend of mica and ceramic/inorganic pigments creates subtle yet dazzling design characteristics. A unique richness is achieved which goes beyond the capabilities of standard metallic colors.

This system is more chemical resistant than an anodized finish, can be field repaired, and has a tighter color range than anodized. By combining the concept of barrier coat and primer into one, AkzoNobel's technical team has unlocked the secret to minimization of "metallic flop." This combination also eliminates a step in the application process required by metallic colors, while improving the quality and appearance of the finish.

Whether your color design requirements call for a bold statement or a soft and subtle appearance, AzkoNobel's wide array of ALUM*A*Escent® 50 colors should provide the desired effects. When specifying ALUM*A*Escent® 50, refer to the code number of the color desired. The last two digits of the code will designate which basecoat/primer is to be used for that specific topcoat color.