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2 coat solid colors that meet AAMA 2605

Lucas Oil Sadium-SQUARE Federal Building-AZ

TRINAR® is our finest exterior metal building finish, consisting of 70% formulations of polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF) resin. Our history with this incredible technology dates back to the early 1970’s. Continually monitored AkzoNobel research and production quality assurance programs have produced years of actual 45° South Florida exposure data that demonstrates TRINAR®’s remarkable resistance to exterior weathering, fading, color change, cracking and chalking.

One of the secrets of TRINAR®’s superior durability lies in the molecular structure of this resin. This unique carbon/fluorine bond is the key to its unsurpassed thermal, chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties. When coupled with AkzoNobel developed premium ceramic/inorganic pigmentation, this system demonstrates remarkable resistance to weathering, fading, cracking and chalking. When properly applied, TRINAR® easily passes the rigorous testing requirements of AAMA 2605.

To assure proper application, we utilize a process of Applicator Certification. Only after meeting stringent repeatable quality standards is an applicator granted this approval. This helps protect the integrity of the finish for all parties concerned.

TRINAR® has become a very popular coating for factory application on aluminum as well as galvanized metal roofing and zinc/aluminum coated steel substrate. TRINAR® coatings provide long-term beauty for a wide range of metal building components such as panel systems, curtain-wall, window systems, louvers, canopies, mullions, store fronts, and fascia.

If your specifications require a coating for several of these components on the same project, we have formulated TRINAR® for both spray and coil coating applications using the same pigmentation. This ensures continuity of color throughout an entire project.