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Research and Development

Research and development is something that we invest a lot of time and effort in, and are always looking to bring new coil coating technologies to our customers. As the world's largest paint and coatings company, we are able to draw on research and development from laboratories across the world; in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas, to offer well proven products that combine innovative formulations manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Our facilities throughout the Asia Pacific region carry out important research and development activities, which allows us to stay at the leading edge of coil coatings technology.

Curing Technology Research

We stand at the cutting edge of new coil coating curing technology, with a wide range of laboratory ovens and the latest state of the art curing mechanisms. Utilizing these processes we can simulate your line application conditions and help specify your custom made product requirements.


One way that we carry out research on new coil coating technology, is to test new formulations on our own mini-line. Located in Europe at our Gamleby, Sweden location, the mini line is is a lab sized replica of the coil coating process, which allows us to develop products that require fewer line trials.