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European Coil Coating Association


The European Coil Coating Association's (ECCA) mission is to promote the use of prepainted metal as the environmentally sound, the cost effective and the high quality method of finishing.

Their objectives are

  • Setting quality performance standards and developing of test methods
  • Promoting the benefits of coil and/or sheet coated metal with particular emphasis on environmental, cost and quality benefits.
  • Stimulating product, process, application and market development
  • Increasing the awareness of coil and/or sheet-coated metal through professional marketing and by organising educational training programmes for non-users
  • Creating an industry network and forum for the development and exchange of ideas
  • Representation of the Industry in its contacts with Public Officials and Public Authorities.
  • Providing liaison with other Trade Associations and Professional Bodies.

Courtesy of the ECCA's web site