Sikkens Mixit Pro – catch the color at the touch of the button

17 November 2009


AkzoNobel Car Refinishes is pleased to announce the introduction of Sikkens Mixit Pro, its state-of-the-art digital color formula retrieval system. Sikkens Mixit Pro is part of a suite of three advanced color tools for the car repair industry, including Sikkens ColorScala Pro (sprayed color swatches) and Sikkens Automatchic 3 (a lightweight, hand-held spectrophotometer). With this integrated system, customers are able to measure colors with the sophisticated color recognition system built into Sikkens Automatchic 3 and then, with Sikkens Mixit Pro, they can access the extensive AkzoNobel Car Refinishes database for the best color formula.

Sikkens Mixit Pro features an enhanced, graduated color searching system that provides even greater assurance of easily finding the exact color to match the color of damaged car, which is, after all, the primary concern of car repairers everywhere. Sikkens Mixit Pro also allows for mixing of primers and clearcoats over scales. Sikkens Mixit Pro gives repair professionals much more than a formula retrieval system. With a range of user-friendly features and functions, its offers bodyshops everything they need for fast and efficient color management, including advanced mix history functionality, user-friendly inventory management, and outstanding support for a customer’s own color library. Of course, Sikkens Mixit Pro customers will also be able to synchronize their computers via an internet connection with the latest data and software, which will provide painters with the latest formulas as they are available.

An expanded color database now includes a great deal of extra information, including, for example, color formulas for bumpers and other plastic parts. Customers can also get an overview of material costs per repair. In addition, the system allows for customized user preferences and authorizations.

“We are always striving to put the very best tools into the hands of our customers,” says AkzoNobel Car Refinishes’ Director Color Marketing Ben Zweers. “First and foremost, we want to offer products that allow our customers a smooth and efficient repair process, but beyond that, we want to enable them to deliver quality exceeding the expectations of their customers. That’s what our color strategy is about, and that’s precisely what we are doing with Sikkens Mixit Pro.”

According to Ralf Schueler, Director Marketing AkzoNobel Car Refinishes, “Our business is all about color. With Sikkens Mixit Pro we are demonstrating once again our color leadership by offering unmatched capabilities in terms of color accuracy and ease of use.”