Examples of our innovations

Automatchic Vision
Revolutionizing color matching in the vehicle refinishes market 
Composite IBCs Composite IBCs 
Safe supply of organic peroxides  
Ecosure Ecosure   
A better trade paint and a tool for sustainable product development: significantly lower “embodied carbon” profiles and virtually zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content
Electrodialysis Electrodialysis 
A low-energy, low-waste process for purifying chelates
Ferrazone Ferrazone   
A food-grade ferric sodium EDTA, which can be used as a nutritional ingredient to improve the iron status of anemic individuals
Interchar® 1120 Interchar ® 1120 
Chlorine-free intumescent coating based on waterborne technology
Interpon Align Interpon Align 
A new “dry-on-dry” two-coat, one-bake coating system, that streamlines the powder coating application process
Interpon Reflex Interpon ReFlex  
An ultra-reflective powder coating that can increase the effective output of commercial lighting fixtures by up to 30 percent
Interplate Zero Interplate Zero 
Most shipyards still use solvent-based zinc silicate shop primers - Interplate® Zero is a more environmentally friendly alternative
Intersleek Intersleek 
Biocide-free marine fouling control technology

Intertrac Vision 
The first "Big Data" solution to accurately predict the performance of a coatings technology – before it has been applied

KeepCool Technology KeepCool Technology 
Paints that reflect infrared light to reduce heat absorption
Nouryact Curing Systems, picture credits: Rene van der Hulst Nouryact Curing systems 
Water-insenstive curing systems for bio-fiber reinforced composites
Photo: Rene van der Hulst
Pave longer-lasting roads 
Steam Reduction Bitterfeld 

Steam reduction Bitterfeld
Doing more with less: innovation for sustainable manufacturing