Nano silica modified cellulose

Andrew Mwangi, Aquabax Enterprises, Nairobi, Kenya

Challenge area: Cellulose-based alternatives to synthetics

Nano silica modified cellulose is the most recent innovation from Aquabax Enterprises. The composite is porous and has a high surface area. It is synthesized by combining cellulose pulp under ambient conditions with activated silica. The resulting hydro-gel is then molded to its required dimensions then cured and dried. Once dry, the final product is porous, strong and remains stable when wet. 

This sustainable, bio-based solution is suitable for a wide range of applications including packaging, construction, water filtration, fuel cells, desiccants and catalysts.

Aquabax offers water and wastewater treatment solutions and has innovated its aquaculture treatments with its hydrophobic ceramic membranes.

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