Polymer Chemistry

AkzoNobel Polymer Chemistry is one of the world's leading suppliers of organic peroxides, reactor additives, organometallics and polymer additives. Our products are used to initiate polymerization reactions, improving polymer properties and optimizing polymer production processes.

Supplying the entire polymer chain

We are home to the best known brands in the business, including Trigonox, Butanox, Perkadox and Armostat. From the production of plastic bags and shoe soles to automotive parts and solar panels, our products play a crucial role.Have a look at the video animation below and see how we help make polymers and improve their properties.






High purity metalorganics

As well as ingredients for plastics, we also make high purity metalorganics. These are used in the production of LEDs, solar panels, power devices and displays.




Custom synthesis



We also offer excellent capabilities in the synthesis of single site catalysts, metallocenes, and specialty chemicals that are used in the polyolefin, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries. Some of the world's leading blockbuster drugs are synthesized using our products.

About Polymer Chemistry