Butanox®, methyl ethyl ketone peroxides you can rely on.

Butanox® is the world’s leading brand of methyl ethyl ketone peroxides (MEKP). These products are used to cure thermoset resins and coatings. Butanox® is the most stable MEKP on the market, with guaranteed low water content.

The world's top producers of unsaturated polyester resins (UP) rely on Butanox. Why? Because Butanox serves as the benchmark in the glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) industry.

Butanox is a vital ingredient in everything from the buttons on your shirts to bathtubs to sports cars, and from fishing rods to chemical storage tanks. It is recognized as the best MEKP for use across the entire range of reactivity of your UP resin. Look around you, and chances are you'll see AkzoNobel's influence.

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