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A Magazine

A Magazine issue 16 cover

A Magazine is AkzoNobel's flagship external magazine. Launched in 2008 and now published four times a year, it is sent to an influential readership in more than 100 countries.

Somewhat unconventional for a corporate publication, the magazine deliberately pushes boundaries to provide an innovative platform for bold ideas, insightful writing and creativity. It uses stunning design and stylish visuals to promote thought leadership, discuss socially relevant issues and prompt intelligent debate.

To date, a number of renowned and respected figures have been interviewed, including Buzz Aldrin, Sebastian Coe, Ellen MacArthur, Professor Brian Cox and Lewis Hamilton.

Since being launched, A Magazine has won several major honors, including a European Excellence Award, a coveted ADC Bronze Cube, a SABRE Award Certificate of Excellence and an iF award.

A dedicated A Magazine website was launched in July 2012 and extends the thought leadership platform to reach and engage a wider audience.

A Magazine issues

Cover 120 Issue 16:  
Let's Get Digital  
Color by numbers, upwardly mobile and painting 

a bigger picture

Art & Design Issue 15:  
Art & Design  
Restoring the Rijksmuseum, photogenic food and creative cavemen

Cover small Issue 14:  
Youth & Culture  
Turning Japanese, the missing link and community murals

A Magazine Issue 13 Issue 13
Science & Invention 
Dinosaurs, James Dyson and brilliant ideas

A Magazine Issue 12  Issue 12
Discovery & Exploration Antarctic exploration, the next China and new technology

A Magazine Issue 11 Issue 11
Your inner performer, gobbledygook and an interview with Sebastian Coe

A Magazine Issue 10 Issue 10
Change & transformation 
Plastic pollution, ace aircraft and climate crisis.

A Magazine Issue 9 Issue 9
Cities & urban living 
Tall towers, blue buildings and dungeons and dragons.

A Magazine Issue 8 Issue 8
Leadership and inspiration 
Chilean miners, rock stars and Rembrandt.

A Magazine Issue 7 Issue 7
Health and well-being 
The quest for the Holy Grail. Well, kind of!

A Magazine Issue 6 Issue 6
An interview with Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton

A Magazine Issue 5 Issue 5
The BRIC region 
The rapid rise of India and hairspray in Russia

A Magazine Issue 4 Issue 4
A look at the gadgetry used in the Iron Man movies

A Magazine Issue 3 Issue 3
The environment 
An interview with professor and TV personality Brian Cox

A Magazine Issue 2 Issue 2
The outcome of a study into the use of color in contemporary architecture

A Magazine Issue 1 Issue 1
New AkzoNobel 
An interview with second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin