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Tiger adoption donated to Chinese school

Tiger adoption donated to Chinese school

One of the main consequences of deforestation is habitat loss, which in turn is contributing to dwindling numbers of rare species such as the tiger.

Issue seven of AkzoNobel’s A Magazine, published in April 2011, covers this topic in detail, highlighting the fact that since 1998, tigers around the world have lost 40 percent of their habitat.

In an effort to contribute to the wildlife conservation effort, A Magazine has adopted a tiger through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Her name is Kamrita. She is one of the last 150 Bengal tigers left in Nepal.

Simply adopting Kamrita hardly seemed enough, however. So A Magazine has donated the adoption to a school in China – where tigers are highly prized for their body parts. The hope is that the pupils will become more aware of the importance of saving the tiger and will learn the real value of protecting endangered wildlife.

The school in question is the Qingpu Yucai Primary School in Shanghai, which is attended by more than 600 migrant children. The company already has links with the school, having launched a community project called Our World is Water earlier this year. The initiative aims to raise the children’s awareness of environmental protection, with a particular emphasis on clean water.

A special presentation event was held recently when AkzoNobel employees based in Shanghai hosted a visit from the school and officially handed over the adoption.