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A Magazine: Issue 1 highlights

Top stories of this issue

Here's a flavor of what’s inside the first issue of A, the AkzoNobel magazine.

To infinity and beyond

“We have opened up the potential of departing the planet and going elsewhere to neighboring objects or creating our own islands in space.”
Buzz Aldrin talks about why he is such a passionate supporter of space tourism.

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The heat is on
The role of coatings in conquering space.

To infinity and beyond 

The car of the future
“Why have a car capable of reaching 130 kilometers per hour when you only use it in Paris or Berlin and spend most of your time in traffic jams?”
Car Refinishes’ Dominique Fort gets us thinking about the car of the future.

Car of the future

War on waste
“There is no disposal because every material is designed to be good for the biosphere or the technosphere.”
Michael Braungart explains the merits of his Cradle to Cradle creed.

War on waste

Taking control
“We want to be the main producer in Europe who significantly contributes to the reduction of chlorine transportation.”
Base Chemicals’ Ellen Holmen spells out the vision of the business’ remote control chlorine production units.

Taking control