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Industrial Chemicals

You’ll find them in cars, bars, hospitals and swimming pools

Our Industrial Chemicals business makes salt, chlor-alkali products and derivatives like monochloracetic acid (MCA). In fact we’re Europe’s largest producer of vacuum salt and the place most businesses turn to for chlorine, caustic lye and MCA.

Although many people don’t realize it, AkzoNobel base chemicals are essential for the success of the chemical, detergent, construction, food, paper and plastic industries. It’s no exaggeration to say life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Is there a better way?
That’s the question we’re always asking ourselves. It’s why we’re working with Dutch energy companies to make better use of the combined heat and power needed to produce chlorine and vacuum salt. The more energy we save, the more competitive (and environmentally friendly) we become. We also have an excellent reputation for handling and recycling chemical waste containing chlorine.