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Pulp and Performance Chemicals

Ever wondered what makes paper so white?

Pulp and Performance Chemicals, which markets products under the Eka brand, among others, is the world's largest supplier of environmentally adapted bleaching chemicals for the forest products industry. 

For more than 100 years, AkzoNobel has helped paper manufacturers improve their products. Today, we produce bleaching chemicals such as sodium chloride and hydrogen peroxide, as well as a broad range of high-tech process chemicals for paper production. Service and systems supporting the use of our products are very important. For example, we produce and handle chemicals on-site at several customer mills.

In addition, we are a world-leading producer of specialty chemicals used in the pharmaceutical, electronics and explosives sectors, as well as in many other areas. We are a leading player in technologies for colloidal silica and expandable microspheres, and our innovative and sustainable products and technologies are used by customers for numerous industrial applications.

Industrial customers the world over meet us through our strong brands, such as Eka, Expancel, Kromasil, Bindzil, Levasil and Bevasil.

Our approximately 2,400 employees are located in 35 countries.

General Manager: Niek Stapel
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden