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Surface Chemistry

The science that can make all the difference

Our Surface Chemistry business makes surface-active agents. These are used in everything from asphalt and agro chemicals to paint and personal care products.

These chemicals makes it possible to mix or separate two different materials. We’re one of the world’s top producers of all types of surfactant, including cationic, anionic and non-ionic.

surface-active agents are remarkably flexible. They can emulsify, disperse, clean, wet, aggregate, foam, defoam, disinfect, soften and more. As a result they’re used in a huge range of industrial and consumer products. These include cleaning goods, oil field applications, printing, paints, fabric softeners, asphalt, mining and electronics.

Our personal care solutions cover virtually all market segments in the industry, with a wide range of products covering hair care, skin care and sun care.

And our aqueous solution polymers, emulsion polymers and carbon disulfides are used in everything from construction and oilfield drilling to homecare and adhesives.

So even if someone has never heard of surface-active agents, they’ve certainly come into contact with them.