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Bringing Color to Brazil

Paint crew posing

Color and community were the focus of attention in Brazil when AkzoNobel gave a vibrant demonstration of its commitment to developing a strong leadership position in the country’s decorative paints market.

As part of the Coral brand’s hugely successful “Everything in color for you” (Tudo de cor para você) socio-environmental project, 42 houses in the historic city of Ladeira da Efigênia were painted by a team of residents and employees, with the full support of the local Mayor.  

Located in the Ouro Preto district – which is recognized by UNESCO for its cultural and architectural value – the homes date from as far back as the 1700s. The palette of colors used was inspired by the work of Brazilian Baroque master Manuel da Costa Ataíde.



“As the world’s largest coatings company, we believe that color has the power to transform communities and change people’s lives,” said Tex Gunning, the AkzoNobel Board member responsible for Decorative Paints. “Brazil is especially significant because we are committed to developing a strong leadership position in what is a key high growth market for us. We also hope to inspire more and more people to become part of an exciting color movement which is rapidly gaining momentum.”

Around 2,000 liters of paint was used to coat the buildings, which line the route to Ouro Preto’s stunning Nossa Senhora do Pilar church. Built in 1722, it contains more than 400 kilograms of both gold and silver.

Since the Coral project was launched in 2009, more than 25,000 liters of paint has been used to restore communities throughout Brazil, in cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. The initiative – which relies heavily on employee participation – also involves training local people to become painters and educating residents about social awareness and how to look after their communities.