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Guest Speakers

Per Nimer (Global Design Manager)

Our guest speaker for the 2014 Color seminar is the internationally renowned color expert, architect and designer, Per Nimer.

Per Nimer

Per Nimer’s first introduction to color was watching his grandfather and father working in the family paint store. This gave him his intuitive knowledge of not only color but also paint, painters and paint customer behaviour.

After gaining degrees in both interior architecture and graphic design at the University of San Francisco he set up his own architectural studio, firstly in California and later in his home country of Sweden.

He then changed focus to graphic design as Department Director at the RMI-Berghs School of Advertising in Malmo.

Per has been a member of the Board of Directors of both the Colour Institute in Stockholm and the Colour Marketing Group, Alexandria Virginia.  He is the author of “Dare to Paint”, a color and design book which is available in 12 languages. He has published numerous articles, appeared on television presenting on trends and travelled the world presenting on color.

In recent years he has been the Global Design Manager of AkzoNobel leading the company’s creative work on color collections.  This has involved the development of marketing concepts for both global and local customers and markets.