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Global Solutions

Building and protecting your brand

Our coatings don’t just protect our customers’ property. We also help to protect their brands. That’s because we ensure that a company’s brands and colors are applied with absolute accuracy – from signage and buildings to livery for cars and planes.

Whether you need to maintain your current brand, or carry out a total re-branding, Global Solutions can provide the answer. We provide a single point of contact for all AkzoNobel coatings solutions for the convenience of our customers.

This means we offer coatings and paints for aerospace, marine, architectural, signage, automotive, protective, industrial and decorative applications, and we can deliver:

  • new livery for fleets of cars, vans or lorries
  • signage for retail outlets, offices or factories
  • new designs on ships, aircraft, vehicles or trains
  • interiors and exteriors for buildings.