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When you think of Brazil, you think of vibrant colors and life. Coral has provided this color since 1954. Our paints and decorative coatings have been part of the lives of most Brazilians.

We started making products for wood treatment. Today, we produce paints and varnishes in our factories in São Paulo, Maua, Brasília and Recife (Pernambuco). We also export our products to 15 other countries worldwide.

We believe our success is down to our creativity and knowledge of what our customers really want. Using this approach, we have achieved great results, not only for our clients, but also for our shareholders, partners and employees.

Making the difference in Brazil

We are part of the lives of Brazilian in many different ways. Where we operate, we generate jobs. We contribute to the economic development of the regions. In addition, we help protect industrial and commercial buildings, as well as houses, with our products.

To visit our product brand website, please click on the link below:

Coral Website