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Calm or happy? Warm or creative? Color doesn’t just make a building or room look good. It can add personality and mood, too. At Sikkens we love what color can do – and we try to capture that in every paint we make.

It all starts with ideas. We use innovative R&D to produce our range of professional coating systems. Then we make them to the highest standards. And if customers have something specific in mind, they can always call on our experts for personal support.

High performance, low maintenance
A bad choice of coating can make or break the reputation of a professional architect, specifier or interior designer. Our products will do everything you need them to. Plus they’re long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Getting more from the job
Careful surface preparation helps our customers get the most from our paints. We can help them with preservatives, end-grain sealers and high performance fillers – all part of the Sikkens system.

Help with specifying coatings is always at hand. We provide full support and technical advice, including:

  • advice on health and safety issues
  • inspections and site surveys
  • detailed individual project specifications
  • cyclical maintenance programs.

Kinder to the environment
We’re always looking for ways to improve our products. Recently we introduced our new ‘High Solids’ low-solvent technology. This reduces the damaging emission of solvent substances, and so helps to protect the environment.

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