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Sikkens Car Refinishes

Almost since cars were invented, we’ve been helping body shops to look after them. But we focus on the future, not the past. That’s why we’re always developing new technologies to make our products even better than before.

Why do more body shops choose Sikkens than any other brand? The answer is profitability. Sikkens brings together a top-quality car repair system, efficient work processes and guaranteed product performance. This combination helps our customers make the most of every business opportunity – and ultimately make more money.

Acoat Selected
We first started Acoat Selected in 1975, when it was the first-ever business development program for body shops. Today it’s synonymous with excellence and efficiency in the global car refinish business.

Acoat Selected offers consulting services, management training programs, coaching and networking to help develop our customers’ businesses. Insurance companies, body-maintenance firms and leasing organizations all recognize the quality of Acoat’s work and Sikken’s products.

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