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Alco Chemical

From the start, Alco Chemical has looked to produce new products, new applications and new technologies. Today, we’re also leaders in sustainability. For example, our new biopolymer solutions are not only sustainable, but safe and ecologically friendly too.

When Alco Chemical started in 1927, we made textile, carpet and upholstery compounds. But what started as modified starch-based delivery systems for laundry and household products is now a whole new business focused on biopolymers. These solutions are more sustainable, safer and more ecologically friendly than their predecessors.

Our specific products, services and technologies range from aqueous solution polymers, emulsion polymers and sulfonated products to spray drying, contract manufacturing and custom polymerization.

These are used across a range of sectors and markets, including:
• fabric and home care
• water treatment
• paper and paperboard coating
• oil field drilling and production
• coatings and construction
• adhesives
• textile/carpet/leather
• mineral processing.

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