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AkzoNobel has served the paint and building industry for more than 50 years with Bermocoll, a range of non-ionic cellulose ethers.

Bermocoll is used as a thickener, stabilizer and water-retaining agent for water-based decorative paints. It also controls consistency, providing easy workability, extended open time and enhanced adhesion in cement and gypsum based systems.

Bermocoll is available in a wide range of viscosities, and a variety of modified grades. To meet the solubility requirements of applications, the grades are available in several particle sizes: powder, fine powder and extra fine powder. It can also be tailor made to meet individual needs and specifications.

Bermocoll is used in textured paint, chemical plaster, flat paint, satin paint and semi-gloss paint.

Bermocoll cellulose ethers are compatible with a wide range of binders, fillers, polymers, and surfactants used in building materials, which make them useful for the cement and gypsum based systems.

Bermodol Pur

The Bermodol Pur range of polyurethane-based associative thickeners has been developed to enable paint manufacturers to formulate their paints to suit market preferences on viscosity, brushing resistance, hiding power, levelling, consistency and spatter-free application.

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