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Ferrazone® is our brand name for sodium feredetate, an iron compound used for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia. But Ferrazone® is no ordinary iron salt. It’s formulated to deliver maximum benefit without the side-effects associated with some other iron supplements.

Iron compounds are usually associated with an unpleasant metallic taste and have been known to cause gastro-intestinal problems. Normally, you’d have to reduce the iron content to avoid the metallic taste – making the supplement less effective.

With Ferrazone®, because of its remarkable bio-availability, this is unnecessary. It can combat iron deficiency effectively without the side-effects.

No side-effects, just benefits
Ferrazone® is the preferred iron source to treat iron-deficiency anemia because:
• it has a higher absorption rate in the human body
• it has no negative influence on the bio-availability of other minerals
• it can be added unobtrusively to several foods
• it’s stable under adverse storage and cooking conditions
• it’s highly bio-available and least affected by absorption inhibitors, especially in phytate-rich diets
• there’s no risk of iron overload
• it exhibits minimal gastrointestinal disturbances.