E&I Maintenance Engineer,

China, Shandong, Binzhou, Shandong

Business unit: Surface Chemistry

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         Promote safety within the department.
2.      Conduct/update a ‘Criticality Evaluation’ for each piece of equipment on the plant, for incorporation into Protean to drive priorities.
3.      Following on from the ‘Criticality Evaluation’ define an appropriate Maintenance Strategy for the equipment, and develop predictive and preventative procedures for all “Critical” equipment.
4.      Set targets for the equipment performance and work with Maintenance/Production and Vendors to achieve.
5.      Formulate a balanced, appropriate “Maintenance Plan” to move emphasis from breakdown maintenance towards Reliability Centred Maintenance, using “planned and predictive” maintenance techniques.   i.e. Scheduling monitoring tasks, routine preventative tasks, (both maintenance and operational) faster breakdown repair capability, spares strategy, modify plant or replace plant etc.
6.      Participate in the formulation of “Maintenance Strategy” for the plant, and implement in conjunction with Maintenance technicians, production Planners and Production Supervisors.
7.      Collect required data to evaluate and refine frequencies of predictive and preventative tasks in conjunction with Maintenance technicians, Planners and Production Supervisors.
8.      Lead small dedicated teams to perform Reliability studies, e.g. Reliability Centred Manufacturing (RCM) on critical equipment and constraint areas.
9.      Provide proactive maintenance work schedules and procedures to help plan major maintenance shutdowns together with Maintenance technicians, Planners and Production Supervisors.

10.    Oversee, develop and extend the condition monitoring functions e.g. vibration, oil analysis, infra-red ultrasonic, corrosion detection, NDT methods etc.
11.    Formulate maintenance procedures to fulfil statutory and insurance requirements, including the extension of existing systems to incorporate ‘Pressure Systems Regulations’ and site Critical Piping procedures.
12.    Troubleshoot major and recurring mechanical or instrument/electrical problems on the site to improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs.   e.g. Conduct formal Route Cause Analysis (RCA) sessions.
13.    Maintain himself/herself abreast of new legislation governing the design, maintenance and operation of equipment used on the site, and ensure adequate maintenance systems are in place to satisfy such requirements.
14.    Participate in HazOp's and EHS reviews.
15.    Participate in the site engineering 'On-Call' rota.
16.    Work within Permit to Work systems, i.e. issue and receive.
17.    Control allocated budget to agreed level.
18.    Manage specialist Contractors as required for Reliability activities.
19.    Work closely with the Maintenance and Operational groups to implement planning and scheduling on the site utilising the Protean system.
20.    Supervise and guide technician rotated through the Reliability group to achieve allocated tasks, and then re-incorporate the outcome of the work into the Maintenance group.
21.    Provide “front line” support to the Maintenance group during major problems, facilitating the rapid resolution of such problems and providing follow up co-ordination in the form of RCA’s and improvement programmes.
22.    Maintain a “bad actors” list of equipment and target improvement programmes to reduce/eliminate these on a “value added” priority basis.
23.    Co-ordinate existing Vendor Alliance contracts to both monitor their performance against specified targets and work together with the Vendors to ensure these targets are achieved. 
24.    Develop new Vendor Alliances which will support the site’s goals, establishing and tracking meaningful performance metrics.
25.    Identify appropriate “Reliability” training opportunities for Maintenance technician.   (e.g.  For the implementation of new predictive techniques.)
26.    Lead the Craft training committee on the site, to formulate targeted training needs, and programmes to implement.
27.    Work with the HR Training Officer and engineering manager on site to achieve “excellence” in this area by establishing appropriate training manuals; assessment and accreditation, building upon the multi media systems currently in place for operations.    
28.    Evaluate and justify “new techniques” in improving Reliability to Management. 

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Job characteristics

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December 31, 2099

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Binzhou, Shandong

Business unit

Surface Chemistry

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Job requirements/Candidate profile

• Minimum of 5 years relevant industrial or contracting experience, including man management. 
• Bachelor Degree in Automation  or related fields             
• SAP PM experience preferred.    
• Excellent communication skills and a strong desire to work closely in an integrated team.                                  
• High level of computer literacy, e.g. experience using PC based spreadsheets and databases.      
• HSE&S: Have general knowledge and experiences on HSE&S basic polices, standards and practices in chemical related plant/process;                                                       
• Have basic knowledge on HSE&S related laws and regulations for chemical related process/plant.