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Business unit: Powder Coatings

About AkzoNobel

Akzo Nobel N.V., trading as AkzoNobel, is a Dutch multinational company, which creates everyday essentials. AkzoNobel is a leading global paints  and performance Coatings  company and major producer of speciality chemicals , supplying essential ingredients, essential protection and essential colour to industries and consumers worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company has activities in more than 80 countries, and employs approximately 45,000 people.

 We’re proud to produce high quality powder coatings that our customers can rely on – anywhere in the world!

A powder coating is a solvent free paint, which is usually sprayed on the coated object – although other application options, such as fluidized bed dipping, are also available – and then baked in an oven.  Solvent-free also means that powder is an environmentally sound coating option.

Our powder coatings can be used on everything from architectural aluminum and steel, to wheels and automotive components, to pipelines and valves, through to microwave ovens, office furniture, or lighting.



1.          Objectives of the role

The objectives of the Site Responsible Engineer are:

·         to ascertain that competent engineering and maintenance capacity is available to the site

·         to implement management systems that assure sustainable performance for process safety, compliance and effectiveness.

·         to inform the Site Director of any serious shortcomings that such assurance activities would identify


The focus of the role therefore is on assuring compliance with the Asset Integrity Guides in stead of on managing activities.

2.     Scope

The scope of the SREs assurance activities includes:

·         assets

o    plants

o    utility systems

o    spare equipment

o    storage facilities for chemicals and spares

o    on-site (un-)loading stations

o    site infrastructure

·         activities

o    projects and turn-around

o    plant engineering

o    maintenance

·         engineering and maintenance disciplines

o    process

o    mechanical,

o    electrical,

o    instrumentation,

o    automation,

o    civil

o    HVAC

·         programs:

o    reliability

o    efficiency

o    process safety

o    ALPS

3. Key Activities

The activities to be performed or coordinated by the SRE in order to assure compliance with Standard 8 are detailed in the RASCI table of Appendix 2 (indicated with “R” in the last column).


These can be summarized as:

  • Performing reviews

    • Verifying that equipment has been properly installed
    • Validating the contents of the asset register
    • Evaluating the performance of critical equipment
    • Evaluating the risks to assets

  • Resolving bottlenecks

    • Identifying any overdue inspections
    • Controlling any deferments of inspections of critical elements
    • Identifying any overdue critical actions (resulting out of inspections)

  • Assessing and reporting the overall compliance of the site to Standard 8


Furthermore the SRE is to advise (items marked with “C” in the last column of the RASCI table) site management on the subject of:

  • suitability of materials used during maintenance (consumables, spare parts and/or tools)[NMR1] 
  • calibration of inspection and testing equipment
  • respecting the integrity operating window
  • respecting inspection intervals
  • technical competency of personnel



The SRE holds an overall accountability for proper execution of the Asset Integrity Management program, but needs not personally take part in all activities. Activities that can be delegated to others are marked with “A” in the last column of the RASCI table in Appendix 2 .


  • Design

    • application of appropriate design, construction and inspection standards
    • Determination of the integrity operating windows

  • Criticality assessment

    • workflow for identification of critical elements

  • Documentation

    • compilation of an asset register
    • provision of adequate technical documentation and access thereto

  • Operations

    • execution of the maintenance and inspection program
    • authorization of modification or repairs to critical equipment

  • Auditing

    • execution of local audits of the Asset Management program


Role assignment


Rule 6.1 states:

“The site Responsible Engineer (SRE) has responsibility (delegated by the Site Manager) for all aspects of asset integrity on operating sites. This includes overall responsibility for coordination of all process hazard studies and risk assessments”


Rule defines the Site Responsible Engineer as


“the person appointed for the site with responsibility:

-       to establish and maintain management systems for ensuring engineering integrity of assets, especially critical equipment and structures

-       to ensure all professional engineering skills required are identified and available to the site.

-       To ensure that the requirements of the HSE&S standard 8 are complied with”


Furthermore GN 14.1 states that “these responsibilities should normally be assigned to the senior line engineer on site”. This implies that the responsibilities do not necessarily coincide with a specific position in the organizational diagram:

2          Tasks and responsibilities


Rule details the tasks that the SRE needs to perform further:


·         “Assigning and ensuring completion of specific  tasks associated with the requirements of HSE Rule 6.3;

·         Communicating the requirements to those who operate or work on critical elements.

·         Soliciting professional advice and/or assistance for those areas beyond his/her specific knowledge and experience.

·         Developing and maintaining a working knowledge of applicable local regulations;

  • Bringing to the attention of the Site Manager details of any serious shortcoming in compliance with HSE Rule 6.3 

    3          Delegation of tasks to responsible engineers


Rule states that:

“On large sites responsibility for individual procedures may be allocated by the SRE to specialist Responsible Engineers such as mechanical, electrical, instrument, or civil.

On small sites (…) specialist responsible engineers, who are located remotely, off site, may be appointed by the operating manager to support the local SRE”


Furthermore the rule states that such delegation is to be done in writing.

Vacancy data


Job characteristics

Closing date

September 23, 2017

Vacancy number










Business unit

Powder Coatings

Job family


Hierarchy level


Full time/part time


Contract type


Job requirements/Candidate profile

Required expertise

The SRE will require various types of expertise to fulfil the role effectively:

1.     Technical Engineering degree

2.     Technical knowledge and experience

3.     Knowledge of legal requirements and corporate or BU standards for Asset Integrity Management

4.     English is a must as position would exposed to international contact and English info exchange

5.     Italian native language

6.      MS Office knowledge is required (Excel, Power Point and Outlook)

7.     Organizational awareness

8.     Ability to make his own judgements, either based on own knowledge or by consulting others

9.     Acknowledging the limits of own knowledge

10.  Perseverance

11.  Influencing skills

12.  Consulting the sites management systems

13.  Reporting skills

      14. Basic knowledge relating to health and safety matters under the current Italian legislation

15.   ensures that all the Akzo Nobel directives (Process Safety Management) and Local regulations, are applied and met.

17.Ensures that all the LSR (Life Saving rules) are applied and met.

The following behavioral competencies are essential for the SRE role:


Drive for results


Innovation and continuous improvement


Decision making

Almost Always

Value various perspectives

Almost Always

Build strong relationship


Self–awareness and personal impact


Demonstrate Courage & Integrity

Almost Always



The following behavioral competencies[1]are essential for the SRE role:


Competency area

Associated key activities

Leading and supervising

Providing others with a clear direction

Delegating work

Motivating others

Relating and networking

Relating to people at all levels

Building wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organization (a.o..operations, maintenance, engineering, plant management, BU compentence team.)

Applying expertise

Applying specialist and detailed technical expertise

Sharing expertise and knowledge with others

Planning and organizing

Planning activities and projects well in advance, while taking into account possibly changing circumstances

Identifying resources needed to accomplish tasks

Delivering results

Setting high standards for quality (attention to detail, right the first time)

Working in a systematic and orderly way

Monitoring and maintaining quality and productivity.

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