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Our Executive Committee makes sure AkzoNobel’s strategies, policies and resources are used to meet our business objectives and targets. While striving to achieve these goals, we always put the interests of our stakeholders first.

The Executive Committee has day-to-day management responsibility for AkzoNobel. The Executive Committee (ExCo) comprises of members of the Board of Management and leaders with business area or functional responsibility, allowing both the functions and the business areas to be represented at the highest levels in our company.

Under the chairmanship of our CEO, Ton Büchner, the members of the Executive Committee share powers and responsibility for managing the company efficiently and effectively. The CFO alone is specifically responsible for overseeing AkzoNobel's finances.

The company’s management and supervision structure is organized in a two-tier system. This means the Board of Management is accountable for its performance to a separate and independent Supervisory Board.

The two Boards are accountable to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) for the performance of their functions.

The Executive Committee members report to the CEO.