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A rich look with modern appeal

CERAM-A-STAR Matte is an offering of coil coatings with a low gloss finish that is specially formulated to reduce glare. The result is a rich, soft appearance and a modern look. Matte is available in a wide range of colors and will enhance any design. CERAM-A-STAR Matte is a silicone-modified polyester (SMP) coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry. It is based on the industry’s leading SMP coil coating system, CERAM-A-STAR 1050, and offers superior color stability and chalk and fade resistance. A proprietary resin formulation provides the backbone for this revolutionary SMP system. When combined with ceramic and inorganic pigments, it creates the most durable SMP finish available.

This two-coat system, which utilizes our High-Performance Primer, provides exceptional durability and offers superior resistance to moisture and UV exposure, with excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. The unique and highly durable topcoat provides the best color stability of any SMP product. CERAM-A-STAR Matte represents a level of performance surpassing that of all previous silicone-modified polyester finishes. It closes the performance gap with PVDF as it approaches the long-term results of the higher priced coating — while combining the best technological balance of flexibility and toughness.

CERAM-A-STAR Matte is also available in our COOL CHEMISTRY® Series, which contains ceramic infrared reflective pigments. These special pigments are designed to reflect infrared energy (heat) while maintaining the same color appearance. When COOL CHEMISTRY coatings are used on metal roofing, the result is a sustainable building material that can lower air conditioning costs, reduce peak energy demand, and help to mitigate urban heat island effects. All of our high-performance coatings for building products are available in COOL CHEMISTRY versions.