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Color Standards

OurĀ Color Standards Program is proclaimed by our customers as the finest in the industry. Our unique and proprietary system manages tens of thousands of color standard panels that have been distributed to our multiple manufacturing locations and to our customers, throughout the world.

How it works

Each color has a single Master Standard maintained in Columbus, OH, approved by the customer for whom it was developed. Our system assures that every working panel in the field, of each color, can be correlated to its respective master, guaranteeing color consistency to our customers, regardless of the manufacturing plant or applicator of the paint.

Panels in the field are periodically audited to assure maintenance of correlation to the Master Standard and these audit reports are provided to the customer. Our unique program assures our customers of receiving the best color control and batch-to-batch consistency in the industry.

Our customers are assured that when they approve and establish a new or existing color with AkzoNobel, they will receive that same color each and every time.