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Exposure Testing

We have an extensive exterior durability testing program to assure the quality of our warranted products, such as TRINAR® and CERAM-A-STAR® 1050.
We utilize exposure sites in south Florida and many other locations around the world in cooperation with our other coil coatings operations. While the standard exposure conditions for the coil coating industry are 45° south, open-rack, we also utilize many other configurations to accelerate the exterior durability results. These include Black Box, Backed Panel, and Fresnel-type exposure.
Chalk and fade characteristics are evaluated on a yearly basis, and the results for the 30,000+ exposure panels are collected and stored in a relational database for optimal evaluation of the data.
This all means that we are constantly evaluating your products to make sure that we are capturing any and all meaningful data relating to the way they hold up to the elements. "Real world" testing is the only "real" way we know that you are getting the best possible durability and appearance in your choice of AkzoNobel coatings.