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2 coat solid colors that meet AAMA 2604

Why is ALUM*A*STAR® 50 a sure bet to attract building owners, architects, curtainwall designers and window fabricators to your business? Because it is the best AAMA 2604 system available. There are many projects that require a high performance coating but not "Superior" performance as required by AAMA 2605. ALUM*A*STAR® 50 was created to bridge the large performance gap between AAMA 2603 (Residential) and AAMA 2605 (Superior Performance).

As its name suggests, ALUM*A*STAR® 50 contains 50% PVDF resin as opposed to the 70% requirement of AAMA 2605 specifications served by our TRINAR® product line. This unique carbon/fluorine bond is the key to its thermal, chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties.

ALUM*A*STAR® 50 was not designed to take the place of TRINAR®, AkzoNobel's 70% PVDF coating system for either performance nor overall color availability. However, ALUM*A*STAR® 50 clearly stands out against its competition as the ONLY choice when it comes to a coating designed for AAMA 2604 specifications.