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A durable and economical AAMA 2604 liquid spray finish for aluminum extrusion applications

CERAM-A-STAR® E for louvers CERAM-A-STAR® E for windows

CERAM-A-STAR® E is an exciting new AAMA 2604 solution for aluminum extrusion applications, with proven durability at an economical applied cost.

Designed for spray application to aluminum extrusions, CERAM-A-STAR E is a new solution with proven durability and ease of application that meets AAMA 2604 specifications. Designed for the high-end residential, storefront and monumental interiors market, this product offers a lower-cost alternative to 50 percent PVDF and super durable polyester powders. Further, as compared to anodized solutions, it offers better quality, more consistent color control, a larger color palette, chemical resistance and field repairability.

Available globally, CERAM-A-STAR E is the perfect choice for projects requiring an AAMA 2604 product. Designed to meet the global demand for a mid-level high performance system, CERAM-A-STAR E delivers significant advantages over other types of coatings systems.

Proven durability and performance

Built upon the strength of the CERAM-A-STAR family of coil coatings, with millions of square feet already installed in the field, you can rest assured CERAM-A-STAR E will stand up over time. Backing up this performance is over 15 years of South Florida real world weathering exposure data, something that most new coating solutions can't say.

CERAM-A-STAR E's performance comes from a proprietary resin formulation that has been proven through real-world testing and field installations. This unique resin system gives it vastly superior hardness and mar resistance over other AAMA 2604 products, which is a major benefit during installation and in aggressive environments. Combined with premium ceramic and inorganic pigments, it offers superior color stability, chalk resistance, fade resistance and gloss retention for the most durable AAMA 2604 finish available.