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A versatile, environmentally-friendly high solids polyester coating

An enhanced version of POLYDURE® E is the newest member of the AkzoNobel family of fine finishes for the aluminum extrusion industry.

After many years of successful application with the original POLYDURE® E, our research and development group has released an improved version that is superior to current AAMA 2603 technologies. Test data show it to be the finest high solids polyester on the market today. 

Why was there a need to completely re-engineer POLYDURE® E, which had a great track record of worry-free application? The answer was in the voice of our customers. Since the trend to return to high solids polyester technology continues to be strong with increased VOC and HAPS restrictions, we believe that this technology will be the coating of choice for residential and light commercial use for quite some time.

What are the features and benefits of this new system?

  • Better coverage in difficult to reach areas.

  • Painting the most difficult shapes beautifully the first time rather than having to depend on a second run for customer satisfaction.

  • Better mileage per gallon for the applicator and therefore a lower applied cost.

  • Better flexibility with improved hardness.

  • Vastly improved resistance to metal marking.

  • Larger windows of forgiveness in application without sags, solvent blisters, or "pull-away" from edges.

  • Excellent surface clarity.

  • Greatly improved exterior durability.

To make our vision of the future complete, we offer POLYDURE® E in our EXPRESS Intermix system for exact quantity needs and exact color matching. This on-site and on-demand ability eliminates waste and reduces costs by recycling overages into new colors.

Architects and specifiers will find POLYDURE® E to be an excellent finish for a variety of interior metal surfaces and residential window and door systems.