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Our Industry

We believe very strongly in supporting the various industries that we are involved in, from metal building products to architectural aluminum.

MCA, NCCA, NFBA, AAMA. Those involved with the metal construction industry will undoubtedly recognize these organizations, but for others they might merely be acronyms. We have always been actively involved supporters of the trade groups that represent our industries. As a resource for those looking for more information about the metal construction industry, we have collected a summary of the trade organizations we are members of along with links to their sites.

Take a look around and see all the different ways that metal is used in modern construction! Metal is a critical component in the green building movement, and the possibilities of how it can be used are always expanding. The various trade organizations that support the metal construction industry are working hard to promote the use of metal and the benefits it can bring to any project, from the smallest residential to the tallest skyscraper.