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About us

Not only a global position - a global promise

Colloidal Silica's global promise

The Colloidal Silica group is a part of AkzoNobel and operates within the Pulp and Performance Chemicals business unit.

Our colloidal silica products are as diverse as the markets we serve, and, with our global network of eight production facilities (two in Asia, three in Europe, two in North America, and one in South America), we ensure a ready supply of high quality colloidal silica across the globe to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being customer-driven and we always place the needs of our customers first.  As industry leaders in Colloidal Silica technology we offer a stream of innovative, high-value products to maintain our leadership.

Our promise is to deliver a consistently high-quality product to our customers, be they large, small or specialized users or distributors. Our flexible, efficient production facilities mean that you get what you order - on time - every time.


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