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About AkzoNobel

We create everyday essentials

AkzoNobel Report 2015

At AkzoNobel, we create everyday essentials to make people’s lives more livable and inspiring. We’re all around you, and you probably don’t know it. We bring color to walls. We help protect the buildings you enter every day. We’re in your mobile devices, the cars and roads you drive on and the products that keep you healthy. 

Innovation sits at the heart of what we do. Our 4,000 scientists around the world are busy developing sustainable solutions for the challenges people face every day. That’s why we’re so proud of our 400 years of invention. It’s a pioneering heritage which has created scientific breakthroughs in paints, plastics and chemistry, thanks in no small part to Alfred Nobel, one of our founding fathers. But we have the ambition to do so much more.


To learn more about AkzoNobel visit our corporate website.