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Contributing to our customers' success

Improving soiling resistance in coatings using silica particles

Green blue paint

Colloidal Silica's Bindzil CC particles just earned a place in the spotlight in Swedish media for contributing to our customers' success through dirt pick-up resistance and increased hardness in coatings.

The reason why objects get painted is to protect them from environmental influences like humidity, mold growth, sunlight, dust etc. But - they also are painted for decorative reasons,  to give them that nice appearance.

To protect and maintain the paint quality it is necessary to develop a paint which can withstand all these environmental factors. Why? Because a better resistance results in less frequent repainting, cleaning or maintenance which saves material (e.g. solvents and biocides) as well as money.

Find out more about how our silica particles improve soiling resistance and durability in exterior house paint:

PDF IconReport:  Improving soiling resistance with the aid of nanoparticles (PDF, 629 Kb)