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Industrial Applications

Colloidal silica applications for your industry

For the construction industry. Increasing control and strength in cementing operations and  ground consolidation.Enabling precision, strength, safety and reliability in the foundry industry.Providing polishing agents with fine particle sizes and precise chemical activities for the electronics industry

Used across the construction industry for increased durability and strength in cementing operations and ground consolidation.

Concrete & Well Cementing
Ground Consolidation

Enabling precision, strength, safety and reliability in the foundry industry.

Precision Investment Casting
Refractory Materials

Creating nearly defect-free, flat surfaces on silicon semiconductor and sapphire wafers, and optical lenses.

Surface Polishing
Coatings - Improving surface properties, strength and offers barrier effects for heat, ultraviolet and chemical resistance.Flexible, versatile colloidal silica for a variety of industries and applications

Prolonging open-time, improving hardness and durability as well as improving anti-soiling properties in the coating industry.

Decorative Coatings 
Inorganic & Insulation Coatings
Non-Stick Coatings
Paper, Inkjet & Photo
Pigment & Fillers
Plastic Films
Protective Coatings
Wood Coatings

Flexibility in application is typical for colloidal silica. If you can't find an area that reflects what you are looking for, please contact us for advice.

Beverage Clarification
Cleaning Products
Textiles & Fabrics
Gel & AGM Batteries
Water Treatment 
Looking for a specific function?