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Ground Consolidation

Building with stability

Ground consolidaton- improve the efficiency of your ground consolidation sealing grout

Colloidal silica is a valuable tool in ground consolidation, and especially in drilling operations. The minute size of colloidal silica particles allows sealing grout to penetrate the small capillary pores of concrete, ensuring the surface resists liquids like water or other waterborne chemicals.

Colloidal silica is excellent for use underground – especially in environmentally sensitive areas – thanks to its high ground consolidation and water sealing capabilities. In fact, lab trials demonstrate that sealing grout enhanced with colloidal silica is three to ten times more resistant to liquefaction. This feature is particularly important for preventing corrosion in the presence of reinforcing steel.

Together with a gel-activator, colloidal silica creates an ideal sealing grout that accurately matches the targeted application and desired open time. By adjusting silica grades and concentrations, the perfect geological structure for consolidation can be achieved, delivering maximum durability within the limits of its environment. Additionally, gel-times can vary from a few minutes up to several hours.

The use of colloidal silica also favors a low viscous grout approach. Thanks to a low specific gravity, lightweight slurries can be produced using colloidal silica. These will permeate very narrow cracks (0.015 mm) and porous formations under extremely controllable injection times.

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Consolidation is a process by which soil decreases in volume by removing water content.