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Non-Stick Coatings

Helping even the worst cooks

Non-stick coatings - cookware

Non-stick coatings have made cooking and household cleanup easier than ever before. Unfortunately, some non-stick coatings have a poor resistance to scratching and can tend to chip off. By adding colloidal silica to the composition of non-stick coatings, mechanical properties are improved, resulting in more durable non-stick coatings.

The most common non-stick coatings are created from organic (PTFE-based) or inorganic (ceramic-based) materials and are used for cookware. Other uses of non-stick coatings include bakeware, hair straighteners, and clothes iron surfaces.

When added to PTFE-based coating formulations (e.g., Teflon®), colloidal silica works as an adhesion promoter. While, when used to create ceramic non-stick coatings, colloidal silica acts as a co-binder. In both cases, colloidal silica helps increase surface temperature, hardness, and abrasion resistance properties of the resulting surface.

For more information:
We are here to help you to improve the efficiency of your PTFE-based and/or ceramic-based non-stick coatings. Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your applications.

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