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Precision Investment Casting

Improving performance when temperatures are high

Enabling precision, strength, safety and reliability in the foundry industry.

Colloidal silica is a preferred binder in precision investment casting of ceramic shells (i.e., molds) thanks to its capacity for greater intricacy of casting designs and its high temperature tolerance. Therefore, colloidal silica is commonly used in the precision investment casting of high-quality metals and alloys.

Producers of components used in hi-tech industries know that customer tolerance for imperfection is non-existence. For this reason, precision investment casting processes need to produce nearly flawless products.

To help improve the precision investment casting processes, colloidal silica offers several investment advantages. Besides increasing the capacity for greater mold intricacy, colloidal silica can withstand temperatures of 1500°C with little shrinkage and good resistance to thermal shock.

All products created via precision investment casting can benefit from colloidal silica, including: turbine blades for aerospace engines; turbines and turbo fans; components for the automotive industry and household appliances; and medical instruments and implants.

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We are here to help you to improve the efficiency of your precision investment casting. Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your applications.

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