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Cembinder Brand Image

Cembinder™ is a modified amorphous colloidal silica product developed and selected specifically for concrete applications.  They work in conjunction with established admixtures in the oil field industry and are non-toxic and safe to use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Cembinder assists in stabilization when Portland cement is the main binder component in the concrete formulation.  Cembinder reduces the amount of cement binder required in each concrete mix by up to 20% while also giving better early strength performance.  Added directly to the cement liquid additive system, Cembinder make well cement fluids easier to pump - without causing segregation problems.

Cembinder is the preferred operational and economical choices in most offshore well cementing.  They also show exceptionally good performance in the field of horizontal well cementing due to its low viscosity and water separation control.

For further assistance with  the Cembinder product line grades, contact us.  We will help you to choose the right grade for your application.