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Conditions of sales

General conditions of sales and related policies and standards

Our general conditions of sales are presented below in different languages. Unless otherwise is expressly agreed in writing the said general conditions are applicable on all sales and deliveries of products by AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals.

Conditions of Sales (US & Canada)

PDF IconConditions of Sales - US & Canada (PDF, 13 Kb)

Conditions of Sale (rest of the world)

 PDF IconEnglish (PDF, 970 Kb)PDF IconNorwegian
 PDF IconFinnishPDF IconPortuguese
 PDF IconFrenchPDF IconSpanish
 PDF IconGermanPDF IconSwedish
 PDF IconItalian 

The translated versions of Our Conditions of Sales are currently being revised. Please refer to the English version in the meantime or contact us for more information.

Policies and Standards

AkzoNobel Code of Conduct
PDF IconBU Pulp and Performance Chemicals Responsible Care (English, PDF, 817 Kb)