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Regulatory statements

Our regulatory documents are being reviewed and this page will be updated as soon as they are ready.

A step by step process to a final registration

PDF IconREACH Letter September 2011 (PDF, 31 Kb)

Risk assessments of colloidal silica

PDF IconPosition statement Nanoparticles and colloidal silica (PDF 46 Kb)

Silane modified colloidal silica not dangerous for health or environment

PDF IconCertificate Bindzil CC 151 (PDF, 111 Kb)
PDF IconCertificate Bindzil CC 301 (PDF, 112 Kb)
PDF IconCertificate Bindzil CC 401  (PDF, 112 Kb)

Not classified as toxic or dangerous to the environment

PDF IconEco-labelling Levasil CC151  (PDF, 279 Kb)
PDF IconEco-labelling Levasil CC301 (PDF, 279 Kb)
PDF IconEco-labelling Levasil CC401  (PDF, 279 Kb)

Compliance status with regulations on food contact plastics, paper and board materials

PDF IconLevasil CC151 (PDF, 45 Kb)
PDF IconLevasil CC301  (PDF, 45 Kb)
PDF IconLevasil CC401  (PDF, 45 Kb)