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Improving the surface attraction

Adhesion Image

Adhesion describes the tendency for dissimilar surfaces to stick to one another. Colloidal silica dispersions can improve the molecular interaction of waterborne coatings and adhesives with substrates, resulting in better adhesion, in several ways:

  1. The high number of hydroxyl surface groups interacts with other chemical groups (i.e., oxide, hydroxyl or carboxylic groups) on multiple substrates.
  2. By forming strong calcium silicate bonds, enhancing resin-based-coating adhesion on glass and mineral substrates.
  3. By reducing shrinkage of polymer matrices in lacquers during drying.

Colloidal silica benefits

  • Reduced drying time
  • Good formulation stability
  • Adjustment of rheological properties
  • Improved heat and creep resistance
  • Improved initial wet bonding strength
  • Safe handling
  • Easy to use

Common industry applications

Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your specific industry applications.