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Making a good connection


Binding is the process of drawing and holding together materials to form a cohesive whole. Colloidal silica is the perfect binder in a number of different binding applications:

  1. At high temperatures, colloidal silica particles sinter and bind components together (investment casting, ceramics, and catalyst applications) or form a hard glassy surface coating (electric steel).
  2. At lower temperatures, colloidal silica can form an inorganic matrix based on chemical bonds (zinc-rich primers and cementitious systems).
  3. In a polymer resin based matrix, the surface groups of silane-modified silica particles can react and cross-link with resin groups providing additional binding for the coating system.

Colloidal silica benefits

  • Increased temperature tolerance
  • Chemically inert
  • Easy to use
  • Safe handling

Common industry applications

Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your specific industry applications.