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Adding space is good

Dipersig pigments

Dispersing is the creation of a uniform and consistent liquid formulation that resists settling or clumping through improved separation of particles. By improving the separation of particles, a uniform and consistent liquid dispersion that resists settling or clumping is created. Thanks to consistent particle size and charge, colloidal silica is an ideal dispersing agent in a number of applications. The colloidal silica particles are adsorbed or accumulated on the surfaces of materials to be dispersed, and act as a physical spacer keeping the material particles separated.

Colloidal silica is particularly useful in making highly concentrated, extremely stable, surfactant-free dispersions of pigment or fillers.

Colloidal silica benefits

  • Surfactant-free pigment paste
  • Easy to use
  • Safe handling
  • Not shear-sensitive
  • Stable suspension
  • Foam-free
  • Improved wettability

Common industry applications

Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your specific industry applications.