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Polishing & Planing

Smoothing out the bumps


Colloidal silica can be used to physically and chemically polish various substrates to create nearly defect-free, flat surfaces. Described as ultra-fine grains of sand dispersed in liquid, colloidal silica is commonly used with polishing pads to smooth and polish uneven surfaces. This is the preferred process in the manufacture of integrated circuits and high performance, crystalline substrates.

The ideal balance between the surface removal rate and surface roughness, or waviness, is achieved by selecting the proper silica particle with respect to: size, size distribution, concentration, pH and impurity level. Thankfully, colloidal silica dispersions are available to meet the needs of every substrate and polishing action, promoting cost-effective polishing and planing.

Colloidal silica benefits

  • Predictable and repeatable polishing performance
  • Consistent particle size and pH with low level of impurities
  • High removal rate without scratching
  • High cost efficiency
  • Often eliminates intermediate polishing steps
  • Safe to handle
  • Easy to use

Common industry applications

Please contact us for advice on which colloidal silica products are best for your specific industry applications.