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We supply the ready-mixed mortar industry with high-quality specialty polymers and additives. Our products include tile and building adhesives, levelling compounds, gap fillers, repair mortars and rendering, and waterproofing systems. We also supply redispersible adhesives and adhesive mortars for thermal insulation composite material systems.

Application areas:

Tiling – High tech beneath the tiles
Good adhesion, high flexibility and good freeze/thaw resistance.

Elotex products for tile adhesives and grouts deliver high adhesive strength, high sag resistance and very good working properties.

Flooring - Quality at floor level

High final strengths, good cohesion/adhesion and increased flexibility.

Elotex products for self-leveling floor compounds, flooring and screed systems, deliver excellent rheology and workability, and optimal self-smoothing properties.

Waterproofing - Protection against water

High flexibility, durability and high water resistance.

Elotex products for sealing systems with hydrophobic and water-resistant properties deliver long-lasting effectiveness.

Plastering - Durability, inside and outside

Good adhesion, flexibility as well as protection and waterproofing.

Elotex products for cement, lime and gypsum plasters deliver a high yield, excellent smoothability and increased strength for interior and exterior applications.

Repairs - Long endurance

High adhesion and strength as well as optimal shrinkage behaviour.

Elotex products for (S)PCC mortar, repair mortar as well as structural and non-structural concrete applications meet those requirements.

Speciality Applications - Powder Technology Know-how

Innovative solutions or alternative applications? Take advantage of our broad-based technology and applications know-how in the field of redispersible powders and additives.

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