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CMCs and the closely related PACs are vital components for reducing fluid loss. Depending on the grade, they can also make an important contribution to the viscosity and the shale inhibitive properties of the drilling fluid.

CMC products are marketed under the brand name Gabrosa.

Gabrosa EHV Tech
An efficient viscosifier that also has a positive effect on fluid retention. It meets both the OCMA* DFCP-7 specification and the API** specification for drilling CMC Hivis grades.

Gabrosa HV Tech
High-viscosity grade with the same fluid loss properties as LV Tech, but also producing an instant viscosity increase without the danger of over-treatment.

Known for its excellent fluid loss reduction properties. It meets both the OCMA* DFCP-2 and API specifications for CMC Lovis grades.

*Oil Companies Material Association
**American Petroleum Institute